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For far too long the mental game of golf has remained an elusive and mysterious thing.  The overwhelming majority of golfers know about the importance of the mind yet very few know how to train it and use it to consistently bring out their best. Finally, the user manual to the golfer’s mind is being defined and the solution golfers have been waiting for is here at last.

The NEXT EVOLUTION in Peak Performance Mental Training 

At the Mental Golf Academy™, we teach golfers mental strategies that go way beyond positive thinking and are designed to create immediate breakthroughs as well as form long term habits of success over time.  We teach you what you really need to know to take control of your mind, and direct this incredible super-computer between your ears to achieve ongoing success on and off the golf course.

Mental Training is Effective for ALL GOLFERS 

Golf is a sport that uniquely demonstrates the mind-body connection. Your thoughts influence each and every shot you take either positively or negatively. Research has revealed that when you visualize you are creating 80% of the neural pathways in your brain needed to execute the task. In other words, whether you visualize success or failure you are 80% of the way to that goal. This is just one example of the countless ways your mind is impacting your level of performance on every shot you take.

It is a fact that it’s impossible to swing your golf club without using your mind. Everything you do on the golf course is influenced by your thinking and mental attitude which is the reason why mental training is essential if you want to reach your highest potential in your golf game.


Why Train With Us? 

1. Personalized Coaching Sessions 

The path to success is different for every golfer and there isn’t one magical formula that will work for everyone. Every golfer is unique and each person has their own specific keys to peak performance on the golf course. What is most important is discovering “Your Path” to success so that you can golf in the zone more consistently, tap into your more of your potential, and produce the results that you want.

At the Mental Golf Academy™, we embrace the uniqueness of each golfer and have developed our Mental Golf Type system to identify exactly how your mind operates on the course.

You will discover:

  • What your specific mental strengths are and specifically what you are doing mentally when performing in the zone.
  • What your stress triggers are on the golf course and how it specifically affects you and your performance.
  • Effective techniques, based on your unique mental hardwiring, to stay out of stress and playing golf more consistently at your best.


2. Dual Hemisphere Brain Training 

In addition to understanding your unique mental hardwiring, we train you how to actively take control of both parts of your mind, the conscious and subconscious, to make peak performance a habit in your golf game.

You will learn:

  • How your mind operates and the various functions of the conscious and subconscious mind.
  • How to take control of your mind and establish a positive mental attitude/self-image.
  • Effective strategies using both parts of your mind to achieve your goals faster.
  • The tools to self-empowerment so you can use your total mind on the golf course, elevate your performance, and lower your score.


3. Accelerated Learning Strategies 

Our goal at the Mental Golf Academy™ isn’t to just provide quality information, it is to help you integrate new strategies of success into your golf game so you are acting upon what you have learned in a natural and effortlessly way.  To achieve this goal, we utilize the most advanced forms of communication available today including hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), and more. 

These advanced communication strategies accelerate the learning process, will help you create immediate and noticeable improvements in your game as well as establish long term habits of success.  Both processes are deeply rooted in the science of the human mind and are validated by scientific research and modern medical equipment.


4. Something For Every Level of Golfer 

Regardless of your skill level in golf, mental training can help you immediately begin performing better on the course, help you lower your score, play with more confidence, and more.  If you are serious about your golf game and are ready to finally have that breakthrough you have been waiting for then now is the time to explore the website to find the perfect training program for you.

Your Training Options Include:

  • Private One-on-One Coaching Programs: Transform your golf game with individual, personalized mental coaching. Learn more by CLICKING HERE
  • On-Course Mental Performance Coaching: Put golf psychology into action and learn firsthand on the golf course. Learn more by CLICKING HERE
  • Workshops For Teams, Coaches, and Events: Get your team mentally prepared to have a successful tournament. Learn more by CLICKING HERE

Train Your Mind At Your Home:

  • Golfers Guide To Mental Fitness John Weir's new book is the user manual to a golfers mind. His breakthrough book reveals the tools and techniques to improve your mental game. Get your copy today by CLICKING HERE
  • The Mental Caddie - Golf Improvement Program: This audio program is like having your own mental golf coach at your beckon call. Train your mind from the comfort of your favorite chair and get the competitive edge on the golf course. If you can relax then you can boost your success with The Mental Caddie. Get your FREE session by CLICKING HERE

In addition, you will find throughout this website educational resources including articles, interviews, and videos that discuss topics like your mind, how it operates, and the mental game of golf. We encourage you to visit the site often and connect with us on social media so you can stay up-to-date with the latest articles and information.

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