Our group workshops are designed to educate, empower, and most importantly enhance golfer performance on the course. Author and peak performance coach, John Weir, brings the mental game of golf to life with a variety of experiential group workshops that will help golfers make immediate improvements in their game.

John’s workshops go way beyond being a lecture, he walks attendees through firsthand experiences on how they can use their mind to improve swing performance, lower their score, elevate levels of focus, and much more.

We Cater to Groups of All Sizes and Skill Levels

Our workshops can be customized to meet the needs and wants of your group. We offer programs ranging from 30 minutes in length to 3 full days. Some of our workshop topics include:

The B.E.T. System -  The Simple and Easy Way To Empowerment on the Course

Subconscious Swing Success -  Learn How to Make Your Best Swing a Habit

The Triple AAA’s of Peak Performance -  A Simple Yet Profound Philosophy to Playing Your Best Golf and Increasing Your Enjoyment of Every Round.

Relaxation Training To Lower Your Score -  Highly Effective Strategies for Relaxing the Mind and Body On and Off the Golf Course For Peak Performance

The Power of Self-Talk -  Discover The Secrets to Using Your Self-Talk Most Effectively to Program Your Mind and Achieve More of your Goals.

Visualization Training -  Discover Your Level of Visualization Ability, Ways to Train Yourself To Improve This Skill, and How Incorporate It Into Your Game for Better Results.

Focus Enhancement -  Learn the Keys to Enhancing Your Focus on the Course, and Drills to do at Home to Increase Your Level of Concentration.

Goal Setting Workshops -  Discover Effective Strategies for Setting Goals and How to Condition Your Mind to Achieve Them!

All workshops include a combination of lecture presentation, technique and drill walk throughs, as well as a positive mental programming session at the end to integrate the lessons and for immediate application on the course.

Let’s Design Your Future Workshop

Contact us today to discuss your upcoming group event and all the various options available to assist you. Simply sent us an email, tell us a little about your goals, and set up a free consultation time.

Do something new and exciting for your members, attract new golfers to your club or academy, and be the buzz around town. Take action today...lower scores are just around the corner.

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