The higher up you go in skill level the more apparent it becomes just how big of a factor the mind plays in golf. Let’s be honest, every golfer competing at a collegiate level or on a professional tour, is very talented, capable of going low, and winning a tournament. In order to separate yourself from the rest it takes more than skill, it takes the ability to control one’s thoughts, manage emotions, and perform with confidence under the pressures that comes with competitive golf. 



The Mental Golf Academy™ specializes in training collegiate and professional golfers to have the competitive edge on the course. Our goal is to provide only top quality training and a completely personalized coaching experience. These programs are not hit or miss, or take a shotgun approach hoping one of the techniques will work. Each program is custom created for each individual and designed to be a perfect fit based on your specific mental hardwiring. Our unique assessment reveals your four modes of operating and exactly how you use your mind when you performed in the zone as well as when you struggled. With this information, we are able to immediately know the most effective strategies and approaches to take that are aligned with the ways you use your mind the best. In addition, you will learn exactly what triggers you into stress and negative states and how to effectively overcome the negativity and poor performance based specifically for Your brain.

This information about your mental hardwiring alone is immediate game-changer and gives you a mental competitive edge because when you know the right things to focus on then success becomes much easier to achieve. However, our goal isn’t to just provide information.  


Our Goal Is to Help You Make “Your Zone” A Habit

There is a big difference between KNOWING what to do and actually DOING what you know. At the Mental Golf Academy™, we utilize the most advanced forms of communication and mental training techniques to accelerate the learning process and integrate the new information at a subconscious level so you take action right away. Even though you will experience immediate improvements after your first session, the ultimate goal of our programs is to establish long term habits of peak performance.

It is important to know that mental fitness is like physical fitness. Both forms of fitness require on-going improvement and commitment to be in superior shape. However, the great thing about both is the success is cumulative in nature so the more you do the exercises the stronger and better you become.


Our Coaching Programs Can Assist You In:

  • Understanding your mind, how it functions, and how to play golf in your best mode of operating based on our unique Mental Golf Type® system.
  • Overcoming mental blocks inhibiting success on the golf course or in tournament play. Put an end to self sabotage, doubts, and eliminate negative belief systems holding you back.
  • Establishing positive habits of success on the golf course that produce peak performance. Understand YOUR specific zone state and train yourself to play in that state more consistently.
  • Creating and maintaining a positive mental attitude on and off the golf course.
  • Taking the steps towards self-empowerment and much more.


We Train You On How To:

  • Eliminate tension and deeply relax both your mind and body
  • Enhance your level of focus and concentration
  • Improve your self-talk and use it for your advantage
  • Utilize various ways of visualization to increase your success on and off the golf course
  • Use mental rehearsal to accelerate skill acquisition and performance
  • Clear away negative emotions in a matter of moments
  • Create mental triggers to elicit feelings confidence and patterns of peak performance on cue
  • Unlock to power of your own mind


In addition, we can help you in the areas of:

  • Goal Setting, Action Planning, and Accountability
  • Tournament Preparation
  • Game Planning and Course Strategy
  • Workout Motivation
  • Time Management
  • Homework Motivation


The Investments For Private Coaching:

  • 6 Month Coaching Program: $3,500
  • 3 Month Coaching Program: $1,900
  • 1 Month Coaching Program: $700
  • Pay Per Session: $350 for initial session than $200 per session after

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Regardless of where you are in the world we can help you achieve your goals in golf.  Private sessions can be conducted in person, over the phone, or via Skype. Don’t let another golf season go by producing less than what you are capable of. The time is now to discover your true potential by enhancing the 90% of your game - your mind.

Take that first step towards mastering the mental game of golf right now.  Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss your goals and how we can help take your game go to the next level.  

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