Many golfers have read books on golf psychology yet found it difficult to translate what they have read into their actual performance on the course. It is almost impossible to improve your mental game simply by reading a book, it requires action, practice, and implementation of strategies. Our On-Course bootcamps put golf psychology into action and gives you a firsthand experience of the power of your mind on the golf course. If you are ready to go beyond simply understanding the mental game of golf to actually experiencing real benefits in your golf game then these bootcamps are the perfect thing for you.

The Mental Golf Academy™ provides two types of coaching formats to improve your game in a performance setting: On-Course Coaching and Range Sessions.

On-Course Bootcamps 1 and 2 Days:

Spend the entire day with peak performance coach, John Weir, and discover the most effective tools and strategies to elevate your performance, lower your score, and enjoy golf even more.

While on the course with John, you will learn how to use your total mind to enhance aspects of your game like your pre- and post- shot routines, swing and putting performance, and level of focus and concentration. You will also discover tools to overcome negative emotions in a matter of moments, ways to breakthrough habitual mental blocks, strategies for regaining and redirecting focus, and so much more.

In addition, you will take a self-assessment to discover your unique mental hardwiring so you can know exactly how you use your mind when your in the zone. You will also learn specifically what triggers you into stress on the course and effective ways based on your mind works to get out of stress and back to playing your best golf.

Day At A Glance:

  • Meet 1 hour before tee time for physical and mental warm-up. While warming up, you will do some quick and easy assessments, you will identify your goals for improvement, and then you and John will begin implementing strategies right there at the range to prep you for a great round of golf.
  • Play 18 holes of golf being coached personally by John. During this time, you will learn ways based on your unique hard-wiring how to mentally be your best on golf course. In addition, you will be walked through various techniques while on the course and will notice improvements that day.
  • 1 hour Positive Mental Programming session after the round to condition the subconscious mind with all the new learning, behaviors, and improvements from the day. This helps to accelerate the learning process and increases your ability to act upon the new information in a natural, easy way in the future.

Skill Requirement: On-Course Mental Coaching only available for golfers below a 10 handicap.

Investments for On Course Mental Training:

  • 1 Day Training: $850 plus course fees
  • 2 Day Training: $1500 plus course fees


Peak Performance Practice Range Sessions:

Golfers of all skill levels can experience mini-bootcamps at the range to improve their golf game. These 90 minute peak performance sessions are designed to help you make immediate and lasting improvements in areas of your game you want to correct or improve. Perhaps you feel insecure with your wedges, uncomfortable with your driver, or just can’t seem to get it all to click. Maybe you want to fine tune your pre-shot routine, increase your ability to effectively use visualization, or learn how to perform at the highest level without conscious effort. You might be wanting to learn ways to use your mind to increase the quality of your practice time, understand how to condition your perfect swing so you do it more consistently, or even how to hypnotize yourself before each shot. These are the types of things you can address and achieve during your peak performance range sessions.

Investment for Practice Range Sessions:

  • $150 per hour (3 Hours Recommended)

NOTE: The On-Course Coaching and Driving Range Coaching Sessions do not include swing instruction.


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