Want to perform better on each shot? This article shares 3 easy to remember keys to peak performance. Master these mental skills and you will have an effective full-shot routine that will keep you consistently performing your best.

Affirm: When standing behind the ball it’s time to program your mind and body on what you want to achieve. This is done through positive self-talk and visualization. Declare in your mind what you want to achieve in a positive way such as “I am striping this tee shot straight down the fairway.” As you say this begin to visualize the words coming to life in your mind and imagine the shot happening as vividly as possible. Get a clear picture of the shot, your target, and the positive outcome you desire before addressing the ball.

Allow: As you address the ball, it’s time to let your training take over and execute your swing, not think about it. If you think about how to execute your swing while over the ball, you are using your conscious mind or the “thinking part” which will inhibit swing performance. When you are playing golf in the zone you are using your subconscious mind, the “performance part” to execute your swing which is done without conscious effort. During those days, you are allowing your swing to happen rather then forcing the swing which occurs when thinking about mechanics. When addressing the ball, hold an image of a successful outcome in your mind, relax, and allow your swing to happen. Your subconscious already knows how to execute your best swing, trust it, and let it flow.

Accept: Once you have completed your swing, the results of the shot are out of your control. However, what you do have control over is your response to the shot. The final element of every shot process is acceptance. All shots have to be accepted both good ones and bad ones because both have the power to take you out of the present moment and shift your focus on the course. Give yourself a two second window to react after the shot and then create a mental trigger or cue to put closure to the shot. Examples of a mental cue for acceptance could be a double snap of your fingers, wiping your hands, or even mentally saying “That’s done. I can make that work. Bring on the next shot.”

Affirming, Allowing, and Accepting are three key elements found in every successful shot routine. All three of these are necessary mental skills that need to be developed if you are to make the zone a habit in your game. It’s OK to know what to do, but it’s another thing to apply what you know on the course. This requires training. The pros work with coaches to help them develop these mental skills and habits of success. Now you can empower your mind and strengthen your game too. Ready to make your zone a habit? CLICKING HERE

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