To be your best and achieve the most in your life, goals are not an option they are a requirement. Goals give you a target, something to go for, and a direction to move towards each day. They help you determine what you want to achieve, keep you motivated through adversity, and develop a more positive attitude. This article shares 5 types of goals that you can set for yourself to improve your golf game.

  1. Outcome Goals focus on the results of a competition such as beating your league buddies, making the golf team, qualifying for a tournament, or winning an event.
  2. Performance Goals focus on improving one’s past performances on the golf course. For example, “Last time I played this course I shot a 78. My goal is to play even better today and come in with a lower score.”
  3. Process Goals focus on movement procedures that will create improvements in swing mechanics such as transferring your weight, smooth one piece take away, clearing your hips, swinging to a balanced finished, etc.
  4. Mental Performance Goals focus on aspects of your mental game such as executing a consistent pre-shot routine, getting clear pictures before taking your shot, committing to a positive mental attitude, and so on. Since it is a mind-body connection on the golf course, you can also include emotional aspects as well including the way you behave on the golf course, the type of responses you have to adversity, and the way you want to feel during the round. Having goals for your mental game is a great way to monitor and track improvements. It is also becomes another barometer of success on the course. For example, even if you aren’t scoring well but you are able to remain positive, confident, and stick to your routine then you can still chalk it up as a successful day. The score just wasn’t there that day, but you succeeded in your mental performance goals and developed greater mental toughness which is something you can leave the course feeling good about as well as will serve you in future rounds of golf.
  5. Developmental Goals focus on your training goals including: health and nutrition, workouts and physical fitness, mental training, swing coaching, and so on. These are goals for all the behind the scenes activities that develop the athlete in you.

All the greats in golf played the game differently, but one thing that unites them all is having clearly defined goals for themselves. Take a few minutes now to write out your goals for each category and do something positive for your golf game. Be sure to write down your goals because it takes the idea out of the realm of wishful thinking and transforms it into an actual goal.

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