Every golfer has swing keys that they focus on to keep their swing on track, but how many golfers have effective mental keys to keep their mind focused and empowered on the golf course? In this article, you will discover the 3 P’s of peak performance to use as guiding principles for greater success during each round of golf.

  1. Positive - If you want to be your best on the course then a steadfast commitment to positive thinking needs to be made, regardless of the outcomes on the course. True confidence comes from within and can’t be found in the outcome of a shot. Having a positive attitude is an inner choice and a commitment to oneself that champions make every time they tee it up. Champions reflect their confidence and optimism through the words they use, the way they carry themselves, and the look in their eyes that reveals the positive thoughts flowing through their mind. A positive mental attitude is the cornerstone of the champion’s mind and one thing that unites all the great golfers from around the world. Yes, it takes work to develop a positive mental state, but you are worth the effort and so is your golf game. The first step is making the choice to be positive and then get better at it each time you play.
  2. Patient - Patience is an overlooked key to success on the golf course and can be thought of as synonymous with being in the present. Be patient on the course means focusing your attention in the here-and-now, taking things one shot at a time, and being calm in between shots as you await your next assignment. Establishing patience in your golf game slows you down, helps you make good decisions, and helps you maintain a state of clarity and peace while performing. Playing with patience doesn’t mean playing ultra conservative, but means you pick your spots when real opportunities emerge rather than the mirages of sucker pins or risky shots.
  3. Process - During scoring rounds, if you want to play your best and go low then your mental focus needs to be on your process and not mechanics. Your process includes your pre-shot routine, your swing, and your post-shot routine. The process is what produces the result when performing on the course, not just the swing. Emphasis on the process enables you to maintain a positive attitude, keeps you present, and let’s you perform more without conscious effort, or in the flow state. The situation may change but the process always stays the same and this is what fuels the confidence on the champion on the course. Commit to your process and you will have more success and lower scores.

Simple lessons are sometimes the most profound because when dealing with situations on the course most golfers resort back to the easiest strategies to remember. These 3 P’s of peak performance (positive, patient, process) are powerful and will guide you to great success on the course as you learn to follow them, implement them, and commit to them. Put this mental strategy to work in your golf game and play golf with an empowered mind.

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