If you ask yourself to try and define focus, confidence, and trust you might find this harder to do than you would think. All three of these elements are vitally important for success in golf, but what are they really? This article will attempt to answer this elusive question for golfers by briefly examining the nature of focus, confidence, and trust in the game of golf from a different paradigm of thought; these elements are all forms of mental energy.

Let’s assume this paradigm is correct that focus, confidence, and trust are forms of mental energy. If this is true that would mean that these three elements must abide by the same laws that govern energy taught in science. Mainly, the fact that energy can’t be created nor destroyed. If energy can’t be created or destroyed that would mean that everybody always possesses focus, confidence, and trust at all times.

Do golfers ever lack these any of these three forms of mental energy golf course? The answer is no. Right about now most golfers are probably asking themselves, “How can that be? Just the other day I wasn’t focused or too confident on the course.” The answer is still no using this paradigm because all golfers still possess these qualities even during the worst days, the energy is just being directed in a negative way. Imagine that focus, confidence, and trust are liquids that are constantly flowing down a pipe. These fluids are always in motion and what becomes most important is directing the flow of the energy in the right direction.

Think about it. Even on the worst day a golfer still has focus, confidence, and trust. Focus is still there but the golfer is concentrating this energy on all the wrong things such as focusing on past mistakes, thinking about what they are going to do later, why they can’t do better, and so on. The golfer’s focus never goes away it’s just not on golf. During these tough days all golfers still have confidence, but again this mental energy is being directed in the wrong way. Most golfers become confident in their insecurities, the problems in their swing, and that negative results will continue to occur. This also true about trust. On the bad days, golfers trust that things aren’t going to work out, that their swing is awful, or trust those old problems will resurface on the course.

This same golfer on a different day and playing well on the golf course didn’t magically obtain a new ability to focus their mind, play with confidence, and trust their game more. They unconsciously directed the flow of mental energy to a better place such as focusing on their game and their routine, staying confident in their abilities instead of the insecurities, and trusting everything will work out well.

When focus, confidence, and trust are perceived in this perspective it is easy to see why mental training is so important for golfers. The mind must be trained so that golfers can form habits of focusing on the right things during their round, maintaining confidence in their strengths and abilities, as well as consistently trusting in their game and strategy. One of the mental characteristics that separate the world-class golfer from the average golfer is their ability to control and direct these mental energies better than most people. They have been trained to keep this flow of energy moving towards their goals and working in their favor on and off the golf course.

Before teeing it up next time on the course, remember that focus, confidence, and trust are forms of energy. Make the conscious decision to direct this flow of energy in a way that supports a positive mental attitude, empowered play, and the zone. This will get positive momentum building early and the round starting off on the right track.

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