Everything you do in life starts with a thought and all thoughts have power. The way you communicate with yourself through self-talk is a major determiner of the results that will be produced in any endeavor, including your golf swing and performance on the course.

One of the easiest ways to explain how a seemingly simple thought can have the power to influence performance can be explained using the acronym T.F.A.R., which stands for Thoughts, Feelings, Actions, and Results. T.F.A.R. is like an equation that reveals the chain reaction of how thoughts manifest in reality. The thoughts you hold in your mind are the catalyst that sets everything else in motion; thoughts are the starting point of this equation that leads to producing results. When we have a thought, it immediately begins processing in our mind and as the thought processes, it generates a feeling or an emotion inside of us. These feelings created by the thought will determine the type of action you are going to take, and the type of action you take will determine the results you experience.

Let’s use two simple examples to demonstrate this point. Imagine that you are on a tee box and your desire is to hit the ball down the middle of the fairway. Let’s assume that the thought held in the mind is “I can do this.” This positive thought immediately begins to create pictures and images in the mind’s eye of you succeeding in this situation. These positive images generate and fuel confident feelings in your body. When you feel confident, positive, and relaxed, you tend to take positive actions. Positive action typically leads to positive results. On the flip side, if we start this chain reaction with a thought like “I can’t do this” then the mind forms negative mental pictures, which create feelings of doubt and negative emotions. When we experience doubt, insecurity, and stress we tend to take wrong actions, like speeding up our routine prior to a shot, and consequently, produce a poor result.

Obviously, there are times when we have a positive mental attitude and we don’t produce a successful result. I think Dr. Bob Rotella addressed this point best when he said, “The correlation between thinking well and making successful shots is not 100 percent. But the correlation between bad thinking and unsuccessful shots is much higher.” Every thought you have creates energy and sets into motion this chain reaction in either positive or negative direction.

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