Every golfer knows a positive mental attitude is important for success, but how do you actually create that on the course? An easy and effective way to develop a positive state of mind is using power questions throughout your round, and this article explains why.

The questions that you ask yourself on the golf course determine the way you think, feel, and evaluate your situation. Questions can be much more powerful than affirmations because they force the mind to seek out answers. When our mind’s are searching for answers to these internal questions, the mental spotlight is either focused in a positive or negative direction. What the mind focuses on expands and these thoughts will ultimately influence our level of performance on the shot at hand, and the way we think and feel throughout the entire round.

I have heard many golfers say that they have difficulty thinking positively on the course. The reason this occurs for many people is because the questions they ask to themselves naturally cause them to evaluate the situation through a negative perspective. Here are some of the most common questions I hear the average golfer saying on the course:

  • “What is wrong with my swing?”
  • “What am I doing wrong out here?"
  • “Do I even know how to play this game?”
  • “Why can’t I make a putt?”
  • “What do I have to fix?”
  • “Why can’t I get anything right?”

Notice anything familiar to you? This list of poor quality questions could go on forever and it is easy to see how these questions naturally take golfers into negative states on the course. The first step to improving your mental attitude on the course is getting off of mental auto-pilot. You must become aware when you are asking self-sabotaging questions on the course and then correct it by deliberately refocusing your mind by using a power question.

Power questions are pre-determined questions that are designed to direct your mind in a positive direction throughout the round. Here are some of my favorite power questions:

  • “What am I grateful for in this moment?”
  • “What do I love about being on the golf course?"
  • “What am I doing right today?”
  • “What can I do right now to make a good shot here?"
  • “What am I learning today?”

Use power questions like these or create your own positive questions so you can play golf with a positive mental attitude, use your mind to your advantage on the course, and play in the zone.

Knowing how to use your mind effectively gives you a competitive edge on the course and increases the likelihood of success. If you are ready to start training your mind then it is time to check out the Mental Caddie and train your mind like a pro.

John Weir is the director and founder of the Mental Golf Academy in Orlando, Florida. He is an award winning board certified hypnotist who specializes in helping golfers improve their game through golf hypnosis, nlp, and the latest golf psychology techniques. Learn more at http://www.mentalgolfacademy.com.

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