Golf legend, Bobby Jones, once said, "The enemy in golf is tension." If tension is the enemy then the easiest way for all golfers to immediately improve their results is through relaxation training. As simple as this sounds, my experience as a peak performance coach has shown that the vast majority of golfers don’t know how to effectively relax on and off the course, and most are unaware of how tense their bodies actually are during their swing. The purpose of this article is two-fold. First, to teach you an easy way to do relaxation training off the course. This simple 5-10 minute exercise you are about to learn will help eliminate harbored tension in your body and teach you the difference between when your muscles are relaxed versus tense. Second, to share with you how to apply this technique on the golf course to rebound after poor shots and immediately swing better using the 15 Second Golf Swing Cure.

One of the best methods of relaxation training for golfers is the Tension-Release Technique. This exercise will teach you how to discover hidden tension in your body and how to rapidly release it away. Let’s go over the steps now.

Step 1: Find a quiet place where you can sit back and relax for a few minutes.

Step 2:Close your eyes and start the process of relaxation by doing deep diaphragmatic breathing for a minute or two. Imagine that your body is divided into 9 regions or muscles groups.

Muscle Regions:

Feet and Ankles

  2. Lower Legs

  3. Upper Legs

  4. Hips and Buttocks

  5. Abdomen and Lower Back

  6. Chest Muscles

  7. Shoulders and Arms

  8. Upper Back

  9. Neck and Head

Step 3: Focus all of your attention on the muscles of your feet (region 1). Take a deep breath in, tense all the muscles in your feet as much as possible, and hold your breath and the tension for 5 seconds. Then, exhale your breath, release all the tension as quickly as possible, and let the muscles in your feet completely relax.

Step 4: Move up the body and focus all your attention on your calves and the muscles below your knees (region 2). Take a deep breath in while simultaneously tensing all the muscles in your lower legs, and hold your breath and the tension for 5 seconds. Exhale your breath, instantly release the tension, and let all the muscles relax completely.

Step 5: Continue this tension/release cycle for the remaining muscles regions of the body. Once you have completed the process, it is recommended that you spend a few moments in this relaxed state conditioning your mind for success. This can easily be done by repeating a positive affirmation such as “Every day and in every way I am getting better and better at golf” ten or more times before opening your eyes.

Every golfer can benefit from incorporating this simple yet highly effective relaxation technique into their daily practice routine. After you have practiced the full version of the Tension-Release Technique several times off the course, you will have trained yourself to immediately relax your body anytime you wish during a round of golf.

It’s now time to learn the 15 Second Golf Swing Cure, which is the on-course application of the Tension-Release Technique. Why is it called the 15 Second Golf Swing Cure? Believe it or not, when something isn’t clicking in your swing, chances are you are harboring tension in your body. However, after a few poor swings, most golfers are quick to start tweaking their mechanics and trying to make adjustments on the fly. More often then not, their swing is fine, they are just a little tense somewhere in their body. Since most golfers are unaware they are tense during performance, which will throw off a good golf swing, they make unnecessary changes in their swing and end up losing more confidence.

This technique is called the 15 Second Golf Swing Cure because in just 15 seconds you can eliminate the tension in your bodies and immediately get back into executing your normal and natural swing. To achieve this rapid relaxation on the golf course, simply condense the Tension-Release Technique described above from 9 muscle regions to 3 larger regions (The Lower Body, Mid-Section, and Upper Body). Breathe in deeply and tense all the muscles of your lower body as tight as possible, hold your breath and tension for 5 seconds, exhale, and immediately let the muscles completely relax. Repeat this for the other 2 muscle regions, and in just 15 seconds or less you will be completely relaxed on the golf course and ready to perform your best again. Apply this quick exercise before all of your shots until you feel yourself swinging in a more natural and relaxed way again. It is a much easier way to save your score and round than making unneeded changes to your swing.

The Tension-Release Technique and the 15 Second Golf Swing Cure are two highly effective ways to keep you relaxed and performing your best on the golf course. If you are serious about your game then spend a few minutes each day doing relaxation training. It will keep stress away and you will train yourself to relax and calm your nerves anytime you wish.


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